The May 14 Anniversary of the Yaran: Vahid Tizfahm’s Plight as a Baha’i in Iran

The following op-ed by Ferdos Nikoumanesh appeared on on May 12, 2014

My brother-in-law, Vahid, is now sitting in a prison cell in Iran. He and six others were part of an ad hoc leadership group of the Baha’i community of Iran, known as the “Yaran-i-Iran,” or friends of Iran, who were arrested and detained in 2008. May 14 will mark six years since Vahid and his colleagues were imprisoned for their faith.

Vahid and his family, like many other members of the Baha’i Faith, the largest minority Vahid Tizfahm is serving a 20 year sentence as a prisoner of conscience in Iran.religion in Iran, have a long and painful history of persecution. Vahid’s own father was arrested and imprisoned in 1981, soon after the Islamic regime had come to power, when Vahid was nine-years-old. They were at home, in the town of Urmia, when a family friend called to tip them off about the guards headed towards the Tizfahm house. When Vahid recounted the story to me years ago, he said he remembered that his father had told the family that he would not flee. He had remained calm and composed, as he told them that he would stay with his family and leave the rest to God.

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