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Persecution of the Baha’is in Iran

The Baha’is of the United States have worked with members of Congress for more than 30 years to pass resolutions that condemn the state-sponsored persecution of Iran’s 300,000-member Baha’i minority, which has been marked by the execution of hundreds of Baha’is, the imprisonment of thousands more, and systematic and severe economic and social pressure on the Baha’i community. These resolutions shine a light on the actions of the Iranian authorities, and they contribute to an international outcry that has helped to mitigate the severity of the persecution.

Two such resolutions have been introduced in this Congress, the 115th Congress, one in each house of Congress:

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(Please note that H.Res.274 and H.R.274 are different pieces of legislation; likewise, S.Res.139 and S.139 are different pieces of legislation. Please only refer to “House Resolution 274” or “H.Res.274” (not H.R.274) when calling your representative; likewise only refer to “Senate Resolution 139” or “S.Res.139” (not S.139) when calling your senators.)

S.Res 139 was passed in December 2017. To learn how you can support H.Res.274, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at or (202) 833-8990.