Inflammatory speech by the Houthi leader targets Baha’is in Yemen with genocidal intent

April 18, 2018 BAHA’I WORLD NEWS SERVICE SANA’A, YEMEN — 18 April 2018 — In a televised speech broadcasted to a wide audience within and outside of Yemen, the leader of the Houthis vehemently vilified and denounced the Baha’i Faith, further intensifying the ongoing persecution of the Baha’is in that country. On 23 March 2018, … Read More

Exploring an expanded conception of women’s empowerment

March 12, 2018 The Baha’i International Community released a statement to the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, which begins today, 12 March. (Photo courtesy of Daryan Shamkhali.) BAHA’I WORLD NEWS SERVICE BIC NEW YORK — It is time for a more expansive conception of women’s empowerment, asserts the Baha’i International Community in a … Read More

European voices join global community to condemn persecution of Yemeni Baha’is

The European Parliament building. Over 100 members of the European Parliament and national Parliaments throughout Europe have signed a statement calling for the release of all Yemeni Baha’i prisoners. (photo accessed via Wikimedia Commons) February 27, 2018 BAHA’I WORLD NEWS SERVICE BIC BRUSSELS — Over 100 Members of the European Parliament and national Parliaments throughout … Read More

African leaders tackle environmental goals

June 27, 2017 BAHA’I WORLD NEWS SERVICE A rainforest in Gabon, the host country of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment, which took place from 10–11 June 2017 in Libreville, the capital city (photo published on the UNEP website, copyright Alex Rouvin) LIBREVILLE, Gabon — When addressing issues of climate change, we need to … Read More

Arrests and Detention of Baha’is in Yemen Increase

May 30, 2017 WASHINGTON — In the latest in a series of actions targeting the Baha’i community of Yemen, Wael al-Arieghie was arrested in the crowded streets of Sana’a on May 23, and Badiullah Sana’i was arrested on May 24. Both are currently being detained, meaning there are now seven Baha’is being detained in the … Read More

Tribal leaders stand in solidarity with Yemeni Baha’is

May 17, 2017 In Sana’a, Yemen, hundreds of Yemenis gathered on Monday, 15 May, to demand the immediate release of the Yemeni Baha’is who were unjustly arrested last month. BAHA’I WORLD NEWS SERVICE SANA’A, Yemen — Hundreds of Yemenis—led by tribal leaders and human rights activists—gathered on Monday morning, 15 May 2017, to denounce the … Read More

Recent Arrests Signal Increased Persecution of the Baha’is in Yemen

April 21, 2017 Contact: Rachel Wolfe Office: (202) 833-8990, Cell: (202) 643-2735, Email: WASHINGTON —In the latest of a series of actions targeting the Baha’i community of Yemen, three Yemeni Baha’is were arrested and detained this week. The arrests were ordered by a faction within the Houthi-led government and carried out by the National … Read More

Ominous wave of Yemen arrests raises alarm

April 21, 2017 BAHA’I WORLD NEWS SERVICE BIC NEW YORK — Orders for the arrest of at least 25 Baha’is have been issued by certain authorities in Sana’a who are harassing the Yemeni Baha’is and pressuring them to recant their faith. The baseless and nonsensical accusations levelled against the Baha’is include showing kindness and displaying … Read More

“We are all Baha’is”—Spirit of solidarity grows to unprecedented levels

August 23, 2016 BAHA’I WORLD NEWS SERVICE “Freedom for the Baha’is of Yemen” reads one of the hashtags circulating across social media sites in the Arab world. SANA’A, Yemen — An extraordinary wave of support by organizations and individuals has kindled hope in the hearts of the Baha’is of Yemen in the wake of recent … Read More

Faith Communities Meet with EPA Administrator McCarthy

November 19, 2014 (Photo by Eric Vance) WASHINGTON — Representatives from 17 religious organizations, including Peter Adriance of the U.S. Baha’i Office of Public Affairs (OPA) (photo, back row, second from left), met with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy to highlight the support and work of the faith community on the rules to … Read More