Hearing on Human Rights and Religious Freedom in Iran

February 28, 2008 The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom held a public hearing on February 21, 2008, entitled “Advancing Religious Freedom and Related Human Rights in Iran: Strategies for an Effective U.S. Policy”.

Draft Iranian law threatens gross human rights violations

NEW YORK 22 February 2008 (BWNS) The Iranian Parliament is considering legislation that would institutionalize a series of gross human rights violations, affecting not only Baha’is but many others, even outside of Iran, the Baha’i International Community said today.

Dire Situation for Iran’s Baha’is

February 11, 2008 The Middle East Times published today an article about the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran.

The Presidency of the EU speaks out in support of Baha’is in Iran

February 11, 2008 On February 7, 2008, the Presidency of the European Union issued a declaration on the deteriorating situation of the Baha’is in Iran.

Iranian Baha’is sentenced to prison were helping underprivileged youth

GENEVA February 6, 2008 (BWNS) Accusations by the Iranian government that 54 Baha’is were engaged in anti-regime “propaganda” when they were arrested almost two years ago are patently false, the Baha’i International Community reported today.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2008

February 4, 2008 Human Rights Watch (HRW) specifically mentioned the situation of the Baha’is in Iran and in Egypt in its recently published World Report 2008. The report deals with human rights concerns in countries throughout the world.

New tactic obstructs Baha’i enrollments in Iranian universities

January 31, 2008 A Baha’i World News Service article provides further developments of the Iranian government’s campaign to deny Baha’i students access to higher education. Almost 800 of the more than 1,000 Baha’is who sat for and properly completed the entrance exam in June 2007 have received word that their files are “incomplete” — thus … Read More

Iran sentences Baha’is for teaching children

January 29, 2008 The Agence France-Presse reported today that Iran’s judiciary has announced sentences for 54 members of the Baha’i Faith who were arrested in May 2006 in Shiraz while taking part in a project to educate underprivileged children. According to AFP, judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi told reporters that, “three Bahais have been sentenced … Read More

Amnesty International, US State Department call for release of Baha’i prisoners in Iran

January 29, 2008 January 29, 2008 – 1:28pmGENEVA, 29 January 2008 (BWNS)–In the wake of a U.S. State Department call for Iran to release Baha’i prisoners, Amnesty International has issued an “urgent action” appeal on their behalf. The three prisoners were taken into custody in Shiraz, Iran, last November and are serving a four-year sentence … Read More

State Department calls for the release of three young Bahá’ís

January 24, 2008 Sean McCormack, U.S. State Department spokesman, issued a statement yesterday expressing deep concern for the tragic death of an Iranian Kurdish student detained by the Ministry of Intelligence. The statement also called for the Iranian regime to release all individuals held without due process and a fair trial, including three young Bahá’ís.